Nymphaion: Waterlilies, Lotuses and Plants for Ponds



Due to the present heat wave we can't ship to Southern Europe at the moment. We will resume shipments as soon as temperatures cool down. 


For emails please do use only our new email address post@nymphaion.de. We had to close down our previous addresses. 

Opening hours: the nursery is closed during winter. We will publish our opening hours for 2015 in spring. 

If you want to call us the best time will be from monday to thursday in the morning. 




We grow, propagate and hybridize lotuses. At the moment we keep over 140 varieties of hardy lotuses. They grow well here in the harsh climate of Southern Bavaria. Most of these varieties was introduced to Europe by our nursery.


Tropical Waterlilies


Surprisingly tropical waterlilies can be grown out of doors in Central Europe during summer. We grow and propagate about 100 varieties of them.


Hardy Waterlilies

winterharte Seerosen In our ponds we keep over 200 varieties of hardy waterlilies. They are harvested right before we ship them to our clients. We sell hardy waterlilies only from May to August, the best time for planting.



Over the last few years we were able to build up a large collection of Irises. We grow varieties as well for borders as for ponds and wetlands. Every year we import new varieties from the USA.

Pond Plants

We sell all kinds of plants for ponds. Ornamental plants as well as oxygenating and purifying plants. 


Unlike traditional perennial nurseries we do not sell single varieties but Swiss Perennial Mixes. Those mixes are designed for special situations in the garden an are sold by square meters. With those mixes you can easily grow flowering beds that look beautifully and need little care. 

We are specialized in waterlilies and lotuses

In our nursery you will find plants for watergardens. Plants for indoors, outdoors and even for miniature watergardens in a bowl. Our collection of lotuses and tropical waterlilies is on of the largest in Europe. 
Shipping Schedule:

Most of our plants (except tropical waterlilies and tropical plant) are grown outdoors. As a result our plants are available later than those grown in greenhouses but they are also more robust and will grow on perfectly in your garden. 

Late March - June

May - End of August 

Hardy Pondplants:
April - October, (some submerged plants from May on) 

Tropical Pondplants:
Mid May - End of August 

Perennial Mixes:
April - October 

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Werner Wallner Gartenbaubetrieb
Mindelzeller Straße 9 - 87757 Kirchheim in Schwaben
Tel. 08266 - 86 21 57 - Telefax: 08266 - 86 21 58
We are usualy in the office from monday to wednesday in morning. During the rest of the day we work outside in the nursery.
E-Mail: post@nymphaion.de




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